Are we fast yet? Well, then, release the Kraken. The charts on Are we fast yet don’t show too far back in time to see how the trend has been going since the beginning of the year. You still get the picture, though.

Balkanizing the Web

“I would have happily paid 4 dollars per episode for the Season 3 of Damages. But since it was not available thru any legal channel, I managed to get my weekly fix the very next day it was aired in the US.”

Apple’s Move, Patently Bad Idea

News of Apple suing HTC for patent infringement do take away from the nice general feeling of their products. In an open letter to Steve Jobs, Wil Shipley writes: If Apple becomes a company that uses its might to quash competition instead of using its brains, it’s going to find the brainiest people will slowly … [Read more…]

“Software” is dead…

Guy English postulates that software has been democratized. It is loud, it is ugly, it is popular and we fear it will never improve. He has coined Pop Software, or so it would seem from a quick Google search. Pop Apps might have been better, being as he says that “software” is dead, if it … [Read more…]

The end of the record labels?

John Gruber mentions a post by Tristan Louis about where Apple is going with LP. The article focuses on video, but I think that the biggest change Apple can do, and I believe that is only a matter of time, will be to allow musicians to upload their music to iTunes directly, with LP extras … [Read more…]

The Art of the (Title) Smoke

One of my favo(u)rite movies on this site full of movie and tv series credit sequences. There is also the Donnie Brasco title sequence. I remember it being mentioned in Hillman Curtis’ book MTIV – Process, Inspiration and Practice for the New Media Designer that I read many years back. This section of the book … [Read more…]

Free our Bills!

Feel free to lend a hand. They need your help. “The Nice Polite Campaign to Gently Encourage Parliament to Publish Bills in a 21st Century Way, Please. Now.”

Google’s Chart API

Look mum! No images! This image was generated through the Google Charts API. Just copy and paste the following text http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=p3&chd=t:10,10,20,30,30&chs=240×90&chl=Hello|World|How|Are|You into your browser to see it in action. The best part is that it supports sparklines as easily as this.