The Art of the (Title) Smoke

One of my favo(u)rite movies on this site full of movie and tv series credit sequences. There is also the Donnie Brasco title sequence. I remember it being mentioned in Hillman Curtis’ book MTIV – Process, Inspiration and Practice for the New Media Designer that I read many years back. This section of the book … [Read more…]

Free our Bills!

Feel free to lend a hand. They need your help. “The Nice Polite Campaign to Gently Encourage Parliament to Publish Bills in a 21st Century Way, Please. Now.”

Google’s Chart API

Look mum! No images! This image was generated through the Google Charts API. Just copy and paste the following text,10,20,30,30&chs=240×90&chl=Hello|World|How|Are|You into your browser to see it in action. The best part is that it supports sparklines as easily as this.